GoFaR is designed to help students become productive and fulfilled citizens, both through their own efforts and with the help and support of others. Its three Phases are:

  1. Self-Empowerment - write a Vision statement, and develop a Plan for the first one-three years of their journey;
  2. Leadership - learn how to "reach out and touch" others, inspiring them to do more and become more; and
  3. Building Community - meet regularly to encourage and support each other and celebrate their successes. 

The Guiding Principles - We believe that all students, even those who are considered to be "at risk," are:

  • Precious - "...mines rich in gems of inestimable value;"
  • Worthy - of our respect and our investment in their future;
  • Gifted - in unique and wonderful ways; and
  • Capable - of remarkable contributions and achievement.

‚ÄčThe Investment - GoFaR represents an investment in better futures for students that will produce significant and lasting returns. It will help minimize the chance that students will drop out of school or make significant investments in educational and other pursuits that prepare them for futures they may not enjoy nor find to be fufilling.