GoFaR helps students become more highly motivated by their aspirations and more fully engaged in their learning. It works best when the following steps, as a minimum, are completed:

  1. Professional Development - Teachers acquire the additional tools they will need to offer the GoFaR class;

  2. The GoFaR Assessment - Students complete it to reveal their key perceptions and behavioral preferences;

  3. Class Preparation - Teachers customize the curriculum to more closely suit their students, given their preferences and perceptions;

  4. The GoFaR Class - Helps students learn how to create the future of their choice;

  5. Class Evaluation - Assesses the impact of GoFaR on student outcomes.

Completing these steps will maximize the likelihood that students will have realistic opportunities to be successful, in school and beyond. Teachers can modify the content and timing of these steps, within certain limits, if they believe that doing so will maximize GoFaR's positive impact on student outcomes